Roll on Roll off Cargo (RORO)

Allison Shipping offers a high quality roll on roll off service worldwide. Please contact us for a quote.
Roll on Roll off Cargo

Allison’s RORO Service

Roll on Roll off (RORO) is a more convenient and economical alternative to ship your drivable unit internationally. Rather than shipping it in a container, the piece can be shipped and driven into the vessel as is. Whether it is an automobile, boat, tractor, or any sort of drivable vehicle, RORO could be the best option for you. Additionally, RORO can even accommodate static type cargo such as mining and construction equipment by loading it onto a mafi trailer where they can tow it into the ship. We offer a personalized and high-quality service for your RORO needs.


Advantages of Using Allison for RORO Cargo

  • Economical
    Less amount of cargo handling results in lower shipping prices.
  • Simplicity
    Less hands involved equals a simpler process.
  • Handling Experts
    No matter the size and type of unit, we can handle it.

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